Comprehensive buy-back management with easy redemptions, renewals, or transfer to stock with full reporting

Full buy-back management for the modern cash-generating pawnbroker

Our Buy-back module offers a comprehensive solution for purchasing and managing Buy-backs. A simple process allows you to use an existing customer or create a new one, with selection of ID mandatory before a contract can be generated. Items may be quantified by weight, and a full description added.

Customer contracts and receipts with your Terms & Conditions preloaded are printed as part of the process. At the time of contract, it's very easy to override the standard due date, fee and value to cater for individual circumstances.

It is then possible to renew the contract, which automatically generates the fee payable and issues a new contract.

  • Capture (webcam) or upload an image of items(s) being bought in to store with contract
  • Use EAN database to scan/look up and enter items
  • Quick customer lookup or addition, complete with visual image of customer on file
  • Share customer data across all branches to save time and check history
  • Ability to blacklist or ban customers
  • Easy to amend buy-back period and fee rate at time of sale
  • Hold a buy-back until Customer confirmation
  • Easy renewals with automatic fee addition
  • Create a new buy-back based on a previous contract
  • Apply a discount upon redemption if required
  • Easy transfer to stock if not redeemed
  • Optional integration with bsmart Stock system for greater control
  • Stock records can have extended information to cover many attributes
  • Complete customer history available at a glance
  • Amend customer details at PoS, including memorable dates, jewellery sizes and marketing data
  • Drop-down selection of safe storage location
  • Variety of management reports available, with simple criteria selection, e.g. Overdue, buy-backs issued, with selectable date range
Buy-back reports

Buy-back Activity Report

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