Comprehensive buy-in management with easy payments and transfer to stock with full reporting

Full buy-in management for the modern cash-generating pawnbroker

Our Buy-in module offers a comprehensive solution for purchasing and managing Buy-ins. A simple process allows you to use an existing customer or create a new one, with selection of ID mandatory before a contract can be generated. Items may be quantified by weight, and a full description added.

Customer contracts and receipts with your Terms & Conditions preloaded are printed as part of the process. Payment to client methods may be selected from cash, cheque or BACS.

  • Capture (webcam) or upload an image of items(s) being bought in to store with contract
  • Use EAN database to scan/look up and enter items
  • Quick customer lookup or addition, complete with visual image of customer on file
  • Share customer data across all branches to save time and check history
  • Ability to blacklist or ban customers
  • Selectable customer payment method - cash, cheque, or BACS
  • Optional integration with bsmart Stock system for greater control
  • Stock records can have extended information to cover many attributes
  • Complete customer history available at a glance
  • Amend customer details at PoS, including memorable dates, jewellery sizes and marketing data
  • Variety of management reports available, with simple criteria selection, e.g. buy-ins issued or cancelled, items transferred to stock, etc, with selectable date range
Buy-back reports

Buy-back Activity Report

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