Over 80% of Bransom's new business comes from recommendations

References and recommendations can be taken from many sources, below are just a few comments from our existing clients, many more are available

Retail Jewellery recommendations...

The NAG has worked closely with Bransom since way before I came on the scene in 2001, but during my time the scale of forum sessions has grown year on year, and this is testament not only to the increasing importance of point of sales systems but also to the success of Bransom in providing what customers want. One speaker put it quite nicely when he said that having been tempted away to another supplier by price, he had returned to Bransom because they offered the genuine customer service he required, and most of all they really listened to his needs. In my view that is the kind of testimonial every business would like to get. Another thing that always strikes me about these events is the tremendous positivity that fills the room. I think that comes from the participants feeling a real sense of involvement; a sense that they and Bransom are developing a system together"
Michael Hoare, former Chief Executive of the National Association of Goldsmiths

The bsmart VAT reporting passed the most difficult of tests – an official VAT inspection after which we were told our records were excellent, all thanks to the Bransom system!
Edward Wright, Wrights' The Jewellers

Our staff love the user friendly till system and collecting customer information to build our database is easy. Comprehensive reporting enables me to keep a close eye on our business income and expenditure, and I like the constant supplier product updates via bsmart-links. We've had fantastic support from the helpful and friendly customer services team right from the start - excellent initial set up and training and they are always at the end of the phone to resolve any queries or issues. All in all a great company to help grow your business and bring it into the 21st century!"
Mike Toshach, Scarborough Time Centre

We bought a Bransom system because we wanted better stock control albeit we were a bit apprehensive that it would over complicate processes because we had been used to a paper system. Now we wouldn't be without it, we are delighted! The system has proved to be a real boon to our business and the back up we receive is second to none - problems are dealt with quickly and we always receive an answer to any queries."
John Davey, H Lamb Jewellers, Hartlepool

Following a successful trial, we have rolled out the facility to text via the Repairs System to more of our branches and it's proving to be a real hit with both customers and staff. It demonstrates to our customers that we are a progressive company that uses the latest technology to provide an efficient service that keeps them fully up to date without delay, which can only help to build loyalty and repeat business. And from our perspective this facility is very easy to use, saves time and keeps our costs down."
Nicky Owens, Repairs Manager, David M Robinson

Bransom's Imaging system has proved very useful for identification of stock, printing customer enquiries and listing individual claims for insurance documents. I use it every day and wouldn't be without it!"
Dominic Wakefield, Wakefields

Thank you for the flowers to mark our 1st anniversary in Sudbury, a very kind thought and much appreciated. Also a very appropriate moment to thank you for the support and guidance you have given us over the last few months and we look forward to many more happy years using the Bransom system."
Jonathan Lambert, Jonathan Lambert Fine Jewellers

My initial thoughts before I bought the Bransom package were that it was expensive and maybe a bit dated and therefore more difficult to move forward. The system has turned out to be excellent. It is laid out very well and the report side should satisfy everyone. I work continuously with it and it's a pleasure to use - user friendly. Assuming that other systems can do many or all of the Bransom package functions the main benefit is Bransom itself. The Bransom management and support staff are excellent, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable."
Bill Ferris, SWAG Jewellers

Having just been on an Advanced Management workshop with Bransom I woke up to several extremely useful features/reports that I was just unaware of - I now can´t wait to put these into practice. I found the day very worthwhile."
Rodney Banks-Lyon F.G.A., Banks Lyon Jewellers

We looked at many systems. Bransom was the only company that could offer us the support and training we required. The system has allowed us to manage our stock more effectively and improve sales by having the right information at the right time. No jewellery business should be without the Bransom system."
Miriam Foley - Hilser Bros, Cork

An excellent system which in a very short period of time has proved to be invaluable. The system continually highlights the profitable and unprofitable areas of the business and has definitely helped with buying."
Michael Hyman, Hyman Group

Implementing a new computerised stock system and customer marketing system was always going to be a lot of work. Thankfully our hands were held by the fantastic support team at Bransom. Although we have had some issues and problems to solve they have been dealt with effectively and quickly by the people at Bransom. Special thanks to Sandra and Rob for extremely patient training sessions and excellent technical advice."
Chris Stoner, Christopher Stoner Fine Jewellery

I can thoroughly recommend the Bransom system as a highly reliable, flexible system which is constantly updated with the latest technology. Since 1994 we have needed only two on-site visits and the telephone support we have received has been polite, conclusive and very professional. An excellent product very well supported."
Peter Herring, Cellini

It's great to have a system designed specifically for jewellers, not an add on. Bransom are obviously part of the fabric of the jewellery industry and their staff really are a great bunch to work with! We especially appreciate the clear 1 page reports. The company is obviously run by enthusiastic people who are passionate about their products."
Peter Vandome, Andersons of Warwick

Installing the Bransom system was the best decision we have made."
Alan Higgs, T H Baker

Fifteen years ago we were a Bransom user and didn't really believe we were in charge of our own destiny, and subsequently we dropped the system. Now we are back with them, and the new software and support is marvellous. If you are thinking about a system and want someone to hold your hand whilst squeezing it a little less than everyone else, ask these people for a demonstration. It really does appear to be as straightforward as it says on the box."
John Henn, T A Henn Jewellers

In the year that we have now been using the Bransom system it has proved to be an excellent all round package. Offering stock management, precise accounts and an efficient user friendly repairs service."
Sheila Wells - Wells & Co Fine Jewellers

We are so impressed with both Sandra and the whole training day we had at the end of October. Sandra really made the whole day so much easier especially when we were confronted with the very daunting looking program. She explained it so thoroughly and in easy terms it made entering the stock not look too bad at all. Credit must given that after her training for one day we have managed to enter so much without any problems. We look forward to welcoming her back in the New Year for our second training day."
Phillip Ainsworth - Ainsworth Jewellers

In our opinion, it is an efficient business tool that is of definite advantage to the operation of a single-shop jewellery outlet. Any Retail Jeweller is almost certain to profit from time spent looking at the Bransom System."
Peter Carry - Jamieson & Carry Jewellers

Tight stock control and better sales analysis has helped me identify my best performing lines and greatly improve our stock turn in these areas. We've all heard about the 80/20 syndrome, the Bransom system will help identify them."
Jack Murphy - Jack Murphy Jewellers

Pawnbroking recommendations...

Haywood Milton, Miltons Pawnbroker & Jewellers, Liverpool.
Recently, Haywood Milton, looked to upgrade their software system and after much deliberation opted for the dedicated pawnbroking package from Bransom Retail Systems. Click here to read the full story.

I chose Bransom to provide our pawnbroking software because of their excellent reputation within the jewellery industry. Eight months later I haven´t regretted that decision. From day one the back up and technical support has been excellent and I have been particularly impressed with the way that recent changes to the system necessary to comply with the European Credit Directive have been implemented. I wouldn´t hesitate to recommend the Bransom pawnbroking system."
Nicholas G Payne, Geo. A Payne & Son Ltd, Bournemouth

The Bransom system is very easy to use and the customer support we have received is second to none.  Additionally, we have collaborated with Bransom and the new management features that Bransom have developed are extremely useful in terms of providing key performance information. All in all, whenever we have asked anything of Bransom they have delivered time and time again."
Andrew Johnson , Eric G Milton, Liverpool