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Bransom develop brighter paper with longer storage life for ereceipts  



Bransom Retail Systems has developed a new white epaper for ereceipts which is brighter and retains data longer than similar products.

The new paper, codenamed Lipra One, is 20% brighter than existing ereceipt backgrounds, allowing easier viewing on mobile devices of all genres and sizes.

Bransom’s head of development, Noah Ideer, insists it will enrich customer’s lives.

“The new epaper is totally portable, and can be moved from system to system - Windows, Mac, Linux or Android - without any degradation at all, no fading or character marring. When filed in long-term storage solutions, there is no danger that you won’t be able to read it in 10 year’s time, even if the storage is cloud-based and so exposed to extreme weather conditions.”

Unlike existing epapers, Lipra One can be easily used on customer’s phones and desktop computers without any intervention by the supplier.

Another benefit of receipts that use Lipra One is that they can also be converted easily to hard-copy versions for those who, for peace of mind, use local physical backup solutions to sync with their online storage.

Bransom is also trialling Lipra One in other brighter colours, which can be deployed just as quickly as the super-white version. The full range will be available from the 1st of April, with a free trial offer for those who order before 12 noon.

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