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Winner of the NAJ Jet1 Award for June - Kitty Wang of Parkhouse Jewellers, Cardiff  



Congratulations Kitty on winning the NAJ's prestigious Jet1 Project Award for June, thoroughly deserved!

Kitty, who joined the trade last May, was praised in
particular for her detailed description of the various
aspects relating to the cut of a diamond.

“I’m very lucky to work for a company whose owner is
a jeweller, as well as a gemmologist and diamond expert, and holds ‘diamond masterclass’ training seminars for staff.

He taught me in great depth the vital importance of the cut of a diamond, which really improved my confidence and I found I was more able to educate customers when they’re choosing an engagement ring.

“As an independent family jeweller, we take on a lot of training roles ourselves; my colleagues often hold engaging training sessions for us all to participate in. We also have an E-learning platform in the company, which is excellent for entry level knowledge, but the JET course has hugely expanded my understanding of the industry.

“We take in many jewellery repairs daily, and I enjoy inspecting customers’ antique pieces and helping to restore them to their former beauty. The more I’ve learnt about dealing with repairs on older pieces, the easier it is to relay the information to customers and advise them more accurately.

The JET course certainly helped with this, and I enjoyed researching the best ways to treat older jewellery, with the help of our company goldsmith.

“The four Cs was my favourite part of the JET course. I was able to build on my existing knowledge and improve my understanding of clarity characteristics in particular. I researched a lot online, and used the training materials provided by the NAJ.

“The hallmark part helped me a lot during my daily work on the shop floor, and meant I could verify each different metal by examining its hallmarks, as well as give the customer some background information on where the piece was assayed. I definitely want to go on to JET2, and look forward to expanding my knowledge. In five years, I would love to reach JET Professional level and
be a diamond expert. That is my dream, and I’m excited to see if it comes true!”