Possibly the fastest stocktaking system for jewellers

Web-based Stocktaking
A simple solution to a complicated task

We have streamlined the stocktake process, making it faster and effectively transparent to stocktaking staff using its bsmart2 stock and business management system. Our ticketing and barcode system to incorporate a mobile barcode scanner, to make stocktaking quicker and, even more importantly, 'accurate' first time. An accurate stocktake first time round is paramount to drawing a stocktake to an early and final conclusion. The fewer discrepancies found at any given stage lead to a quicker and more accurate conclusion.

Connecting directly to cloud servers, stock counts are entered or scanned live via a range of platform-independent devices including tills, smartphones, or tablets. This means that staff can be far more mobile in the shop, with even window checks being much less stressful and investment in expensive specialist stocktaking hardware reduced.

Printable barcode sheets make identification and data entry far quicker, including adding 2D or 3D barcodes to your Tray Guideline sheets for Pandora collections.

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The system is able to handle multiple stock sessions simultaneously, and even allows multiple zones or areas in a shop to be checked at the same time.

At the central website, management can then instantly select and review all current and completed sessions, and so query or deal with unexpected variations immediately.

Stocktakes become more efficient and faster, reducing the time and cost on the business.

Save time

  • Use scanners with smartphone, tablet or till for extra mobility
  • Easier window counts
  • Divide counts into areas
  • Run multiple sessions simultaneously
  • Immediate validation and query
  • Barcode display sheets
  • Improved accuracy over manual system
  • Improves security
  • Tickets packed with useful information at point of sale and stocktake
  • Barcodes eliminate errors at point of sale and stocktaking
  • No searching through reams of paper


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