Workshops for staff training

These one-day workshops are a great way to increase staff knowledge, improve their efficiency and also boost morale and customer service. Staff will feel more valued and stay longer with the business. Mixing with delegates from other companies on the course often results in the trading of ideas and generates enthusiasm.

Each session focuses on one major module within the bsmart system, for example the EPoS till, Accounts, Customer Marketing, Stocktaking or Repairs Management, and is led by experienced trainers at our Hertfordshire headquarters.

bsmart2 Repairs Management/EPoS Refresher (Front of House), 2017 - Aug 24th, Oct 26th

EPoS Refresher

  • Processing receipts; eReceipts, Deposits, Credit Notes
  • Special/Deposit Orders
  • Reviewing Sales Information
  • End of Day Reconciliation
  • Marchguard Insurance
  • Chip & Pin
  • Gift Cards
  • Add/Collect Repairs

Repairs Management

  • Identify how controlling repairs can improve your business
  • Maximise staff efficiency
  • Process for adding repairs through to collection
  • Develop strategies for the business
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bsmart2 Stocktaking, 2017 - Jan 19th, May 11th, Sept 14th
  • Preparation for a Stock Take
  • Creating a Session and uploading to mobile terminals or the cloud system
  • Manual stockchecks
  • Using Smartphones, tablets, mobile scanners
  • Management options
  • Manual process
  • Checking discrepancies and making corrections
  • Reviewing figures prior to final update
  • Hands-On sessions.
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bsmart2 Features & Refresher, 2017 - March 9th, October 5th

Maximise productivity, minimise workloads and improve staff understanding of the stock system, perfect for both existing users and new staff.
For clients already working with
bsmart2 or looking to upgrade, it's the ideal way to discover the many advantages of the latest version.

  • Best Practice - daily comms & updating, checking for updates, backups
  • Daily processes - what should I be doing?
  • Period End Processes - What & When?
  • Understanding the stock system and what new features are available: Attributes, Same As, Extended Pricing
  • Ordering stock: quick, simple and staying in control
  • Manage Price Updates (both automatic and manual)
  • Basic reporting

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bsmart2 Accounts, 2017 - March 30th, July 13th, Sept 21st
  • Processing Invoices
  • Daily Reconciliation - Cash book
  • Payment Routines
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Monthly Reports. Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet

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bsmart2 Customer Marketing, 2017 - Feb 23rd, Sept 7th
  • Identify which customers to mail
  • Uncover how to create mail shots efficiently
  • Maximise repeat customer sales
  • Track customer enquiries
  • Make customer service and loyalty a reality

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bsmart2 Masterclass, 2017 - Feb 16th, April 6th, April 12th, Aug 17th
  • Identify your business strengths
  • Uncover any weakness
  • Maximize your business potential
  • Develop strategies to succeed
  • Turn your ideas into a workable business plan


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